Stephen Starts a Diary: June 10th

6/10 Sunday

A typhoon’s blowing into town and it apparently brought my little sister with it.

While I’ve been living in Japan for the past four years, my sister’s spent all that time in the states, making today the first time we’ve been in the same room in almost exactly three years.  Me being an incredibly awkward human being, I’m sure she appreciated it when I showed up at the train station and showed her to my grandparents’ home in relatively complete silence.

She even faked a smile for the obligtory “siblings reunited at last” picture that I forced her to take.



 All kidding aside, it was great having a reminder that I have a family/ anyone to interact with who isn’t a thirty year old Japanese man with bad breath.

Unfortunately, there’s a typhoon bearing down on Japan as I write this so she couldn’t have chose a worse time to come on vacation (aside from an epic armageddon-scale weather disaster, earthquake, nuclear war-induced hellscape, the plague, or really any hot summer day).  Me?  Well, the endless rain has made me realize that I need to get more water-resistant shoes.  Nothing puts a damper on a day more than damp feet (or a plethora of other things) and my feet are wet CONSTANTLY.

Have a fun time in Japan, Ashley!

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