Sooooooo I kinda made a vlog

Yeah.  Can’t say I’m exactly photogenic or good at talking but I was too lazy to write down stuff so I recorded myself saying it instead (and now here I am writing something to tell you about it… IRONY…).  The video’s terrible I know.  And I pretty much regretted doing it the second I posted it.  I’m pretty sure this is how 25% of the people who make porn feel after their first day on the job (the other 75%, of course, is too proud of their impressive assets to notice).


Anyways, I’ve decided to share this abomination with you all.  Who knows.  Maybe I’ll do another one or two.  I’d much rather just write things out and put them on this blog but sometimes things just ain’t that easy and Big Daddy isn’t feeling up to it.

Either way, here’s the blog entry.  Enjoy.  Or throw your computer in disgust.  Either one is acceptable.  Even both.


I was actually more nervous making that dumb thing than I should have been.  I mean, it’s not like anyone’s going to be watching that.  Hell, no one reads this blog for Pete’s sake. 


Anyways, I think I’m going to start writing more.  

See ya around,

Stephen Tetsu

One thought on “Sooooooo I kinda made a vlog

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