Call Me Selfish

I know I shouldn’t, but there’s nothing I want more in my life right now than to get the hell out of Tokyo

Sickness be damned, I want to get out and leave, leave it all behind. Quarantine, rationing, the all-consuming dread that rules everything around me in this new cruel world. We’ve all been told it is our duty to stay in place, to freeze our lives around us, until this entire ordeal goes away or resolves itself, or is dealt with by the proper authorities, depending on who you decide to believe.

But people have to eat. And I still have to work to feed them.

Business has been down, of course. Even factoring in the hastily put together delivery and take out services we’ve been offering since the first requests started coming down from city authorities but compared to bars, and pubs, and places of ill-refute, noodle restaurants have fared relatively well in this wasteland of an emergency economy.

Funny, a couple months ago, I was worried about not working enough. Now though, I think about how I’m probably working too many hours, coming into contact with too many people who seem completely unaware of the existential crisis unfolding around them. At least the food tastes good though.

But, despite all that I know about what’s happening around the globe, I just want to get away.

Call me selfish. I already know I am.

What have you got to say for yourself???

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